NITRO Electric Nail Drill Machine White (Brushless)



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NITRO Electric Nail Drill Machine White (Brushless)


  • Max speed: 30.000 RPM
  • Run-time: 10 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Speed control
  • Forward / Reverse rotation
  • Overload protection
  • Use with the standard bit
  • Pause
  • Battery remaining indicator
  • Charging display LED
  • Speed display LED: White (low speed) >> Sky Blue >> Blue >> Pink (high speed)
  • Brushless (in White Color)

Package Includes:

  • Control Box
  • Handpiece
  • Handpiece stand
  • Rubber Handpiece Holder
  • Adaptor
  • Australian plug
  • Clips
  • User Manual


  • Install the unit at your workplace and do not use in a dirty or very hot and humid environment.
  • Please take care not to drop the handpiece or drill units. This will result in damage to ball bearing and will affect the durability of the motor.
  • Please do not allow water or other liquids to spill onto and into all units.
  • After replacing a bur, please make sure to close the chuck handle.
  • Do not open the chuck handle while the handpiece is in operation.
  • While the handpiece is not in operation, it is recommended to leave a drill bit (bur) inserted into the chuck after cleaning.
  • MINI cro is a professional use only device, for use by professionals only.

Warning about battery usage

  • The battery is a Li-on rechargeable battery (consumable goods)
  • Battery lifetime is limited and depends on working conditions.
  • Please dispose used batteries in accordance with the national and local laws.


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